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      Robotic linear unit
        Item : The seventh axis linear module of the robotic arm
        Nummer : CP200207A
        Product Description

        The function of the robot arm to move, increase the range of the robot arm, and make the integration of the robot arm and the production line more flexibility.

        Product Introduction


        1. Expand the scope of handling, assembly welding, loading and unloading, and operation of the robotic arm, which can be combined with multiple work areas to complete the management of one production line and make production highly automated.

        2. Linear actuation module design, you can choose two specifications of motion reproduction accuracy, and also can meet the requirements of cleanliness level.

        3. Servo motor linear actuation module is used for linear actuation and multi-point parking, so it can also be designed with an automatic mechanism to match a variety of mechanisms

        For example: conveyor, multi-point workstation docking, long-distance mobile design mechanism, precision positioning mechanism.

        4. Modular design, fast delivery, easy maintains.